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SF Chronicles: Source

August 2, 2012 by yuming

After yoga, I thought it was quite fitting we went to Source, a vegetarian/vegan joint, that had the most amazing homey healthy nosh ever. I was in paradise. If I could eat like this everyday, I would be so happy. My companions felt that they wanted to be healthy (although they are not veggie peeps) after doing something healthy. I totally agree with this concept because it’s such a waste to bombard your body with toxic stuff after putting in so much effort to be otherwise. I remember I used to go for long runs in Singapore and then “treat” myself to MacDonald’s…LOL!


Anyway, it was vegan “fast food”, considering that our order arrived barely 10 minutes after we paid up (it was a go to the counter, pay for your food, then they bring it to you system).

Don’t you think the avocado fan is just gorgeous? I wonder how they did that! We had fresh salads with quinoa and kale and beans and they were so delicious as well.


Okay, onto the not super healthy stuff — vegan mac ‘n’ cheese. I thought that since it wasn’t real cheese, it wasn’t as bad. It was delicious and savoury while the breaded crust made the whole thing even yummier. The mushroom pizza was phenomenal because it was so mushroomy with slivers of basil.

The variety of veggie restaurants in SF is just impressive and I’ll try a new one the next time I’m in SF.


  1. Jessica Val says:

    Maybe they used an egg cutter for the avocado?

  2. yuming says:

    Ah yes…perhaps they did!

  3. What is wrong with ‘REAL’ cheese? I am very supportive of eating well… but when did ‘REAL’ foods suddenly become bad? There are certain diets that I just don’t understand… why not have a ‘REAL’ egg rather than an egg substitute? From my perspective… anything not ‘REAL’ doesn’t seem quite as healthy… it seems artificial. I’ve always considered ‘REAL’ cheese (not those with additives)… when consumed in moderation… as healthy.

  4. yuming says:

    @Stephanie: Hi, I think most people would agree that mac n cheese it not the healthiest of foods. I’m lactose intolerant so I always appreciate non-dairy cheese and I think nut-based “cheese” is still healthier than dairy cheese in terms of cholesterol and fat. Hopefully they didn’t use cheese replacements with loads of chemicals or soy.

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