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SF Chronicles: Fisherman’s Wharf

July 28, 2012 by yuming


The one benefit of jet lag is that you wake up very early (3am, anyone?) so by the time life is stirring in whatever city you are in, you are raring to go. That was me in SF three weeks ago. I took my bright-eyed bushy tailed self down to Fisherman’s Wharf at 630am. It was very chilly which encouraged me to run even harder.


There were other peeps just like me — jogging in the slight drizzle and wind and feeling quite happy doing so.


At the same time, I was absolutely starving so I was on the lookout for some breakfast. I passed by these goofy lobster-shaped bread at a bakery…


Then I spotted….an organic cafe open at 730am!!!


I sucked on this green juice in three seconds flat. I had already been in the US for a few days now and was just dining out in cafes and restaurants with not a lot of green type food.


And then I proceeded to inhale this delicious breakfast burrito. The Mexicans got it just right with their scrambled egg wraps with spicy salsa — I always find bread a bit too heavy for me so wraps are a lighter alternative.

Though you wouldn’t catch me doing this in Europe — the time difference is the other way around. You wake up late and before you know it, the day has whooshed past and everyone has gone to sleep while you are wide awake and gagging for something interesting to do.


  1. Wow, what’s that green juice?! Looks healthy but I wonder about the taste..

  2. yuming says:

    It was pretty yummy because of the apple…but it had kale, ginger, spinach, cucumber, celery I think….Was super healthy…;)

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